religious places in Idukki

major attractions


Mangaladevi Temple

Around 2000 years ago, a woman wronged by her king's rashness, burnt an entire town to ashes. When people found out about the tale, odes were written along with a beautiful granite temple being built in her name. Kannaki's tale is one of love, loss and vengeance that resound strongly with all who visit this quaint spot to this day.


Kurisumala Ashram

Kurisumala, which literally translates as ‘Cross Mountain’, is a Christian pilgrim centre that is a two-kilometer drive from Kumily . Pilgrims climb the mountain on Good Friday in remembrance of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the ultimate sacrifice for mankind. The place is also known for its enchanting natural beauty.


Kalvary Mount

Kalvary Mount or Kalliyanathandu is a famous Christian pilgrimage site perched atop a hill offers that an aerial view of the Idukki Reservoir and its surrounding peaks and forests. It is also an ideal place for mountain climbers and trekkers.Guided trekking can be availed from here to nearby places.

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